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Rules for Frienemies Tournament
(and cancellation policy)

House Keeping Rules:

  • Warm up time on the court is allowed for teams playing the first match of the day. After the first match, on-court warm up is limited to hitting
  • Refs must document the scores and match result on the pool sheets
  • Top two teams come off each net
  • Pool play is 2 games to 25 for four team pools; Five team pools play 2 games to 19
  • Play-off format is one game to 21 for all rounds until Finals, Finals will be best 2/3 (21,21,15); dependent upon time and weather.
  • Two point cap in pool play; no cap in play-offs.
  • Every effort will be made for teams from the same pool to not play each other in the first round of playoffs.
  • Spalding is the ball of choice
  • Clean up your trash.

Volleyball Rules:

  • You cannot set a serve
  • You cannot attack a serve
  • You cannot double the first contact, unless it is hard driven. Hard driven= No time to think about it, and if you do have time to think about it, you can set it, but it must be perfect.
  • You can set the ball over the net, but you must be square and it must be clean
  • A block does count as a touch, except for single B.
  • No open hand tips/dinks
  • No entering other courts at any time
  • Line moves = ball in!
  • If the lines are accidently removed from the ground, replay point.
  • If you touch the net anywhere during play it is a net foul.
  • Refs call doubles, lifts, etc. Call your own as well.
  • Courtesy Service Rule is in effect.

Tie Breakers:

  • If two teams have the same record for 1st place, the tie will be broken by the head-to-head winner. If still tied, then total net points. If still tied, flip a coin. There are no ‘play-in’ games.
  • If two teams have the same record for 2nd place, they will play each other to determine who advances. All tie breakers will be 1 game to 15.
  • If three teams have the same record for 1st place, the top team will be determined by total net points. The other two teams will play each other for 2nd place. All tie breakers will be 1 game to 15.
  • If three teams have the same record for 2nd place in the pool, there will be a mini play off. Top team, determined by points, will get a bye, the other two teams will play each other, and then the winner will play the top team in the tie. All tie breakers will be 1 game to 15.

Participant Safety:

Our primary goal is to ensure that all participants and their supporting friends and family are safe while attending our events. During severe/unsafe weather conditions, individuals should vacate the field and seek shelter indoor. At any time, tournament directors reserve the right to cancel the tournament if weather conditions are severe enough, or if the fields are otherwise unsafe to continue play.

Cancellation Procedures due to Inclement Weather Conditions:

    (These procedures will be evaluated in conjunction with the weather maps)

  • Delay caused prior to 12:00 pm: Can last up to a three-hour delay. After a three-hour delay, or at 2:00 pm, the tournament will be cancelled.
  • Delay caused between 12:00 – 2:00 pm: Can last up to two hours. After a two-hour delay, or at 2:00 pm, the tournament will be cancelled.
  • Delay caused after 2:00 pm: Can last up to one hour. After a one-hour delay the tournament will be cancelled.

Policy on Prize Money for Cancelled Tournaments:

  • If teams are in Semi-Finals or Finals, then prize money will be distributed evenly to remaining teams.
  • If teams are in play-offs and if total prize money divided by the total number of players will allow for an entry fee refund (less admin fee) then the refund will be granted. Example: 6 A teams with prize money of $300 will allow for $50 per team to be refunded, a 25% tournament administration fee will be deducted from the $50. If refunds aren’t appropriate, we will provide a cerci (likely a T-shirt)
  • If teams are not yet in play-offs, there will be no prizes. Refunds will be processed depending on the time of cancellation.
  • Refund Policy:

  • A full refund, less a 25% administrative charge, will be granted if the tournament is cancelled due to bad weather and teams are still in pool play before 1:00pm. After 1:00 pm no refund will be granted for teams still in pool play.


Outdoor Tournaments are held at:
Morrison YMCA
9405 Bryant Farms Rd.,
Charlotte, NC 28277

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